Call for Speakers

GOSCON 2010 Call for Speakers is Now Closed

Speakers will be notified if selected by September 15, 2010

Our call for speakers generated an amazing number of submissions covering a wide range of topics; thanks eveyone who submitted!

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We’d love to hear from you if you or your organization would like to be considered for a session at GOSCON.  Here’s what you’ll want to know before submitting a proposal:

The Government Open Source Conference aims to

  • Provide outstanding, credible information to support informed decision-making to senior government IT management
  • Provide access to industry and academic expertise in a neutral, intimate setting
  • Facilitate collaboration, assist in establishing new governmental initiatives and support ongoing projects
  • Serve as a high-quality networking platform for agency personnel and their peers.

The conference program content provides direct information and also serves to spark the conversations that have created the new ideas, projects and initiatives that emerge from every GOSCON event.

Here are our GOSCON 2010 Tracks.

Open Source Essentials: An Updated Primer for Government Decision Makers

Back by popular demand, we’re gathering all the best minds (and great speakers) to cover the basics - refreshed for today’s open government-driven initiatives.  Topics include Open Source Licensing, Operational and Public Policies, Contracts and Procurement, Organizational Readiness, Evaluation Open Source, Best Practices, Project Management,  Maturity Models, and Getting Started.

Open Collaboration in Action: Exemplary Projects

What have we learned since GOSCON 2005 about the collaborative model in government?  What are the emergent best models?  Today, which projects demonstrate the full range of benefits of collaboration?  Our program committee is looking for productive multi-jurisdictional projects; the broader the participation in the project/initiative the better. Stories should include the use open source software and the model for governance, communication and development. We're also looking for successes in sharing other IT investments in business processes, knowledge base, documentaition and/or training thorugh open collaboration.

Open Source Agency Use Cases: Better, Faster, Cheaper - and the Lessons Learned

How is your agency using Open Source to support your agency program objectives? We'd like you to share your successes.  We'd also like you to help your peers learn from your not-so-successful projects too. Our audience is looking for practical experience in an operating environment they can relate to.  Well-documented use cases with benchmarks score high on the list of valuable sessions, as do the useful stories of things not-to-try-at-home.

Ready to sign up?  Here's more information to help guide your submission.

Guidance for Public Agency Personnel: Agency presentaitons are at the top of the priority list at GOSCON.  Our attendees are keenly interested in hearing from other public agency personnel regarding their experience with open source on a wide range of topics. Where did you start? With whom did you partner? How did you find support? What lessons do you have to share? If you work for a public agency or institution, you already appreciate what your colleagues may benefit from hearing about.

Guidance for Vendors: Speakers' proposals are weighed based on the speaker’s background, content that supports conference objectives, and the speakers ability address to our audience. Ideal proposals contain subject matter communicated in the context of real use case. Attendees are off-put by marketing pitches – let your customer’s experience (if not your customer) tell your story. We also encourage you look to participate in GOSCON as an opportunity to learn more about your customers’ interests and needs as well as educate them on your company’s role in the Open IT Ecosystem.

Speakers’ Consideration: GOSCON remains a not-for-profit conference and committed to maintaining a modest conference fee to keep the barrier to participation low for the public sector. Conference admission, including all conference meals, is complementary for invited speakers. Some limited funds are available for speakers from travel and budget-restricted public agencies or non-profit institutions where they would otherwise be unable to participate. Requests for assistance will be considered as part of the proposal review process by the conference program committee and decided on a case-by-case basis. A copy of the conference reimbursement policy will be provided upon acceptance of a proposal.

Other Speaking  Opportunities: Plans are underway for an Ignite evening the 27th of October immediately following the conference reception.  Sign up for the conference mailing list to be notified when the Ignite event comes online for submissions.  The Executive Open Data Roundtable is by invitation only.  If you know of an agency executive you would like to recommend for participation, please email the conference director.

Important Dates: Call for speakers closes September 3rd. Speakers will be notified by September 10th (updated to September 15th) if their proposal has been accepted.